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Chapter V - Links to Useful and Interesting Websites


For a more complete guide to customising the Sawfish Window manager and more information than you’ll ever need, here are a couple of websites.

Sawfish Wiki Website

Sawfish at Tux Family

As Ready linux is based upon Ubuntu, a lot of bugs or issues can be resolved by using the Ubuntu documentation.

Ubuntu Official Documentation

To use Ready Linux efficiently it is recommended you have some knowledge of the command line, luckily enough there are few websites out there that can help.

How to Use The Command Line

Learn the ways of Linux-fu, for free

Here is a useful site on understanding the Linux file system.

Understanding UNIX/Linux File Systems

If you fancy a Linux Distro which is bit easier to use but still super quick and awesome, here are two which are highly recommended for their speed and amazing design.

Peppermint OS

Bodhi Linux

If neither of those take your fancy, the Distrowatch website is the place to go for all things Linux. It has 100s of Distros to choose from.


An entertaining voice of Linux on the Internet. Bryan is a big advocate of terminal programs.

Bryan Lunduke

And because Ready Linux would not be here if it wasn’t for the Commodore 64, here is a website for all your nostalgia needs.


c64 magazine

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